How to Order a Personalized Product

Make it personal

Choose a design from one of our custom-ready products, and swap in YOUR OWN instrument(s), that you send us a photo of. There are some options...

  • EASIEST: On the product page there's an upload field where you can upload a hi-res photo of your guitar, or any instrument(s).
  • Or you can use our CONTACT FORM AND SPECIAL ORDERING page
  • You can also send images though CHAT
  • Note: If your upload isn't working, it's likely because the file size is too large. If so, you can email an attachment to us directly at
  • For multiple images (i.e. guitar collection posters) please compress the images into a single .ZIP archive
  • See the WHEN YOU SUBMIT A PHOTO... page for requirements and tips for your picture
  • Files types allowed: .jpg .jpeg .eps .pdf .png .svg .psd .tiff .zip