About Us

The MedleyMerch and YGOAS Story

During the pandemic I was trying to think of possible ways to reinvent myself, (just like so many other people) since my graphic design work was thinning out and I not only had concerns about the future, but had some time on my hands. This store combines my passions for both design, and music. When I thought of the special relationship that I and my guitar player friends have with our instruments, I tried to find a way to show that off inexpensively, along with creating some cool-looking wearables. So, yourguitaronashirt.com (YGOAS) came into being, and eventually broadened into MedleyMerch.com. Music can now be seen as well as heard.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Perko

Founder, professional graphic designer, guitar owner and player. Peter also plays accordion and writes songs, and more recently became Director of an upcoming blues music documentary film.

Introducing our Director of Industry Relations USA,
Marc “Coop” Cooper

Professional player and guitar owner, teacher, owner/producer of Sight & Sound Studio and CEO of CoopDeVille Records

When I heard about this idea from my long-time friend Peter, something immediately resonated with me. Since I started playing professionally at 20 years old, many wonderful instruments passed through my hands. Almost all of them are gone now, but through YGOAS I saw way to capture and remember some of the great guitars I now have the pleasure of owning – and some I wish I owned! We hope to offer a different way for guitar lovers to come together in a community that can share this common interest, and wear it proudly! Do you have a guitar-owner story you’d like to share? Then this is the place. Send it along so we can tell it for you, and if you have a photo too, all the better.

Coop’s guitar-playing career has given him opportunity to perform in over 50 countries over the years, as well as writing/producing multiple CDs and instructional books. He’s shared the stage with some of the greatest players ever. (you have to be good to be asked to play for Les Paul himself)

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