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Coop's Blog #1 - A Great Way to Remember Those Special Instruments

As soon as I was old enough to start digging music, I was soon after also into GUITARS!

Back in the 70's the selection wasn't as large as it is today, however, the incredible older ones from the 50s and 60s were buyable.... unlike today, where it usually isn't possible to own a 50s LP, or 60s Strat without it costing you an arm AND a leg!

Had I been able to see into the distant future I would have started my mad obsession with guitars back then. Alas, I was young, had no money, and started playing professionally by 20 years of age. That inevitably meant: buy an amp, some pedals and be happy with A guitar or another as a back up. If it was time to move from a Les Paul to a Strat, the Les Paul had to be sold. It was only after years of touring and getting smart about instruments that I was able to finally start collecting a few.

During those early years I wish I had taken more photos of some of the absolutely wonderful guitars that were in my hands. Back before they had to be sold to be able to "move on to the next modern thing". Crazy I know! I would have loved to have been able to snap a decent photo of my guitar and then transfer it to a T-shirt or long sleeve, and always have a keepsake of that guitar. Let's face it, guitars go WAY deeper than just owning them. We are emotionally attached to them, and some would say that a Strat, or LP, or Tele, is an extension of themselves.

Fast forward to this year when my long-time friend, Peter, mentioned his idea of capturing your guitar in a photo and putting it on a shirt. The whole idea resonated with me big time. When I think of all the guitars that I had at one time, it would be especially nice to have one of them captured on a cool t-shirt. Now I can drop the hint to my wife for what my next birthday's gift can be... More thoughts to come in my next blog.

Marc "Coop" Cooper

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